August 16, 2016

John 20:11-18

We see Mary standing at the empty tomb sobbing. When two angels could not comfort her, Jesus himself showed up—but she thought he was just the gardener! It’s wasn’t until Jesus spoke her name that Mary realized it was him.

  • Have you recognized Jesus around you lately? Or have you been too caught up in your own emotions to realize that he is right there in front of you?
  • Have you heard him say your name? He knows it (see Isaiah 43:1-2). Listen for him this week to say your name (John 10:27).
  • Do you notice what Jesus refers to in 20:17? Right after the crucifixion and resurrection, he pointed Mary immediately to his coming ascension. Do you look at the ascension (in Acts 1, where he takes his place of authority) as one of Jesus’ great works?