August 12, 2016

John 19:16-30

People are mocked or praised for the same characteristics. People are mocked for the things they do or say or who they are, that is, how they look or some personality trait. For precisely the same things, they may also be praised!

For example, the soldiers placed a robe over Jesus’ shoulders, a crown of thorns on his head, and a reed in his hand. Then they said, “Hail! King of the Jews!” They were mocking Jesus. Can you see how this mockery could easily have been turned on its ear and converted to praise? After all, don’t we sing:

All hail King Jesus! All hail Emmanuel
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Bright Morning Star…

Pilate mocked Jesus by nailing a notice to Jesus’ cross, written in three languages. What did it say (see 19:19)? Could what was meant as mockery, in reality, be praise? Might others use these same words to bring honor and glory to Jesus?

The point is this: People are mocked by some but praised by others, and often for the same qualities! Perhaps the next time you feel like mocking someone, you should find something in them to praise instead. You choose what comes out of your mouth.