August 11, 2015

Acts 20:1-12

In 20:4, Dr. Luke gives us a list of men Paul discipled who were now leaders of churches throughout the “civilized world.” Locate a map(s) of Paul’s missionary journeys in your Bible or online and pinpoint the locations listed by each man. (Timothy’s church was in Ephesus.) There is no doubt Paul took Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) to heart. He trained his replacements.

If you are a relatively new Christian, who is discipling you? If you have been a Christian for a number of years, who are you discipling?

Interesting Note: Acts 20:7a is the earliest text which references a church coming together for worship on the first day of the week (Sunday) instead of on the Sabbath (Saturday). The transition from Saturday worship to Sunday is based upon Jesus’ resurrection as well as Pentecost, the birth of the church, both occurring on Sundays.