August 16, 2017

John 3:22-36

The popular social media app Twitter is all about who you are following and who is following you. However, after the initial new wears off, every tweeter in Twitterland aspires to achieve what is called the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the point at which a user has more people or businesses following them than people or businesses whom they are following. For example, if someone has 10 following and 100 followers, they have a 10.0 ratio, which is optimal. On the other end of the spectrum, someone who is following 100 people, yet only has 10 followers, will have abysmal ratio of .1. The same type of ratio is also desired on Instagram and LinkedIn.

John the Baptist was charged with the task of making the way ready for the true Messiah. During his ministry, he acquired a band of loyal followers. As with any follower of a person or team, John’s followers’ competitive natures set in and they became threatened by Jesus’ success. John quickly set them straight and told them in 3:30, “He [Jesus] must increase, but I must decrease.”

John’s objective was to point everyone to Christ. He did not want anyone to follow him, rather he wanted everyone to follow Christ. Is everything you are doing on social media or otherwise connecting people to Christ? Or has a disconnect happened somewhere along the way? If the latter is true, think about how you can become less and Jesus can become more.

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