April 7, 2016

I Commit to His Followers
1 Corinthians 12:27-31
A Part for Me?

All three of our children have grown up learning a sweet song by Betty Ann Ramseth called There’s No One Exactly Like Me. We even have a recording of my wife singing it when she was three years old. The influential lyrics have reminded our children of their uniqueness:

Look all the world over, there's no one like me,
No one like me - no one like me.
Look all the world over, there's no one like me,
There's no one exactly like me.

As members of the body of Christ, the song points out an important truth: We are all unique and have something wonderful that we bring into the body. As we fellowship together, we have the opportunity to learn each other’s gifts, talents, and abilities. After reading today’s scripture passage, were you reminded of the unique gifts you bring into the body of Christ? And “Yes,” there is a part for you, and there’s no one exactly like you. Are you sharing your gift and using your gift within our church?