April 5, 2016

I Commit to His Followers
Hebrews 10:23-25
One Another

I love the phrase “one another.” It sparks so many thoughts, memories, and scriptures: “Love one another;” “Pray for one another;” “Help one another;” and “Forgive one another.” I am so thankful we get to experience life with one another. Can you imagine a wedding without “one another,” or a birth without “one another,” or even a great meal without “one another.” Our very nature cries out for one another. That beautiful phrase occurs dozens of times throughout scripture. Romans 12:10 speaks of being devoted to “one another.”

Today’s passage is especially significant as it challenges us to “stimulate one another” and, as some translations say, to “spur one another on.” True Koinonia calls believers to spur one another on, meaning to prompt, motivate, or inspire. Wow! I love this call for us to charge and ignite one another. In the spirit of fellowship, make it your mission today to make a call, send a note, or meet a believer for lunch, and take that moment to inspire and ignite them!