April 4, 2018

2 Corinthians 4:7-18

Virginia Polser

My path through life has not been easy. However, God’s grace and love have always sustained me. At the age of thirty-seven, I was diagnosed with cancer. God’s grace brought me healing and I am cancer free. When I was fifty-seven, my daughter went through a divorce. God’s grace again sustained us through this trial, and now she is happily married. And at age seventy-three, my son was diagnosed with cancer. Once again, we experienced God’s healing through His grace. These were all very sad and difficult times, but I knew God was walking beside us. God’s grace not only sustained me through these trying times but also through my husband’s illness.

In 2007, I, as well as others, noticed a change in James’ daily activities and personality. At the encouragement of a friend, we met with a neurologist and learned he was experiencing cognitive impairment. Our daily prayers for each other became fervent prayers for healing, patience, understanding, and continual trust in God to lead us through the difficult days ahead. His declining health necessitated retirement, as well as extensive testing which revealed dementia.

The word dementia pierced my heart so deeply I knew only God could sustain me through the long journey that lay ahead. God filled our days with a stronger love for each other, sharing memories that would soon be lost and thankfulness for the time we still had together. The next eight years were difficult. However, we were blessed by the kindness and love of family and friends—friends that sat with him, had us for dinner, gave me respite days, and brought banana pudding because James loved all things sweet.

Even though the last two years were challenging, God continued to provide. He opened the door to a memory center and provided loving and kind caregivers and new friends that were dealing with the same sense of loss I was.

Since James had given his life to Christ, I knew he would spend eternity with Jesus when his container of time here on earth was full. On July 10, 2017, God’s presence filled his room as angels came and took him home to heaven. The piano keys are silent at home, but I know he is making music in heaven singing with the angels.