April 30, 2018

F O R    T H E    C H I L D R E N
W E E K    O N E
By Julie Hammer, Children’s Minister

Matthew 18:1-6
This is an exciting month in the life of First Baptist Lewisville! Sunday, May 20, we will break ground signifying the renovation of space for preschoolers and students, and new space for children. As we have discussed and voted on this process, common questions have been voiced: Where do kids fit in our church’s plan to grow? How do we pursue the families of our community? This week, we will look at these and other questions that will help us be spiritually prepared to answer them. Kids can teach us a lot.

“When young and old in the community of faith—the family of God—journey
together in a commitment to one another led by God, beautiful, enriching
spiritual formation occurs for all. When children are included as respected,
active participants in the community of faith, they draw us all back into the
story of our faith and help us reactivate our imaginations to experience the
story anew.”

Joining Children On The Spiritual Journey,            
Catherine Stonehouse             

When Jesus wanted to illustrate kingdom greatness, he called a child to himself. In order to enter heaven, adults must come to Christ with childlike faith. By nature, kids trust people. They are dependent. As we grow, we learn independence. But Jesus says when we come to him, we must UN-learn independence. To be sure, childlike faith isn’t childish. Childlike faith is simple, but profound. When a child or person of any age trusts Christ in faith, they place all they understand, all they are in the hands of God.

Where are you today? Have you ever trusted Christ in simple faith? How are you “faithing” in him for your daily needs? Is your faith stale, or does it activate your imagination? See the gospel— the kingdom of God—as a child.