April 3, 2013

The Book of Acts tells the story of the first-century church and how its humble beginnings gained a foothold in a godless world to become a community of believers spread all across that world. This amazing growth did not happen overnight and not without significant obstacles.

Persecution, natural disasters, famine and the godless influences of the Roman Empire threatened the church from without. Yet, the most formidable obstacle to confront the early followers of Jesus came from within. Racial and cultural prejudice could have destroyed the growth and influence of the early church. These first century followers of Jesus had to find a way to overcome the animosity and division between Jew and Gentile.

Acts 1:15-26

The disciples wanted to replace Judas with a new disciple and “witness” of Jesus’ resurrection. This passage tells us they prayed asking God to show them which man was the right one for the job. Then they drew lots and added Matthias to their group.

Sometimes God gives us specific direction when we pray, but at other times he tells us to choose. Ask God to help you learn to hear his voice so you can follow his lead in your choices.