April 28, 2016

I Commit to Telling His Story

Acts 17

Any time you attempt to reach a defined target market with your message, especially one that may be different than your own cultural context, it is important that you clearly understand who you are trying to reach. Understanding the culture helps you tailor the delivery of your message, and thus gives you a greater chance of receiving a return on your investment.

Paul understood this as he aimed to engage the culture around him with the gospel. Paul had taken the time to observe the culture he was in and was, therefore, able to tailor the delivery of the gospel to engage this culture. Notice he did not compromise the message. Rather, he adapted his delivery method in order to remove any hesitation the people may have had to accepting the gospel message.

Keeping the integrity of the gospel intact, think about ways you can fine-tune the methods in which you engage those around you with the good news of Jesus.