April 26, 2015

Psalm 19

When Paul preached to Gentiles, he started with creation and then moved into the gospel message (Acts 14:14-18; 17:22-31). Phillips Brooks gave the first instructions about God to Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, and she replied that she had always known there was a God but did not know his name. Our task, like Paul’s, is to tell the world that his name is Jesus.

In spite of God’s universal message in creation that pours out day and night to the entire world, most people ignore it and reject God because they want to live as they please (Romans 1:18-23). Are people lost who have never heard about Jesus? The answer is yes, they are lost because God speaks to them all day long and they refuse to listen. God has empowered believers to take his message to the lost. What are you doing about getting the message to these people?