April 22, 2018

Psalm 24:1-6

Josh and LeeAnn Breslaw

It was August 2010, and LeeAnn had just graduated from Baylor with her master’s degree. This began her search for her first job in accounting. I (Josh) was still going to seminary at Truett (Baylor) and wouldn’t graduate for one more year. This left us with limited options. LeeAnn searched and searched for the ideal job somewhere around Waco, but nothing was really coming to fruition.

It was most likely that the best accounting jobs for LeeAnn’s career would take her to Dallas for the week where she would stay with her parents, and then come back to Waco on the weekends. Not ideal for a young couple who had only been married a year. One day, she learned of a job fair at Baylor. She decided to go, even though she really wasn’t sure if any company there would be a good fit. One of the companies was a public accounting firm that had an opening, but, of course, its office was in Dallas. We knew this was the best possibility for her career, so we prayed for God to open this door even though it would mean us being apart most of the next year. She went to the interview and got the job.

At this point, God threw us a curve ball we were not expecting. When we received the call that she was getting the job, they told her one more thing: One of their clients was in Waco! Most of her time would be spent on this client, and she would be able to remain in Waco the majority of the time!

We knew only God could work perfection like this. We thanked God for that opportunity then, and we will always thank God for providing that perfect situation.