April 21, 2018

Psalm 23

Tim Reese

Psalm 23 is commonly read at funerals but it is applicable to our everyday struggles. On April 7, 2008, my story took a sharp turn. I woke up in the early morning hours to find that my 38-year-old wife had passed away in her sleep. I suddenly was a single father of a six-year-old little girl.

After 20 years in the fire service, I was accustomed to being the one people called for help. As uncomfortable as it made me, I was the one in need of help now. Almost immediately, ministers from the church and my co-workers were coming to my house offering prayer and comfort. I was amazed at the support system God provided for me. Church members and my Bible Study class overwhelmed me with so much help that I had to ask them for a break – we had more food than I could store.

Life seemed to be going ok as a single father. It had been four years and I thought I was doing just fine. However, God and a very pushy friend thought otherwise. She had a friend who was a single mom and was determined we should go out, but at the time, neither of us was interested in dating. She continued to push for months until we both agreed to go to dinner one time just so she would leave us alone. That one date was the first of many, and soon, we were seeing each other almost every day. We fell in love and were married on March 21, 2015. She walked down the aisle to “Never Once” by Matt Redman, and the lyrics fit our journey perfectly. She is my rock. I cannot imagine life without her. We laugh together, cry together, and pray together. And one of the biggest bonuses—I gained the most amazing step-daughter ever.

Our future is very bright and blessed. No matter how high the highs or low the lows, God is always there to comfort and provide for us.