April 20, 2017

For All Generations
28 Days of Prayer for Christ’s Church

Acts 4

“For we cannot help but speak of the things we have seen and heard” (4:20). What is God doing in your life that you cannot help but share with someone else? Pray for God to show you.

The theme of our Generosity Initiative is “For All Generations: Honoring the Past, Serving the Present, and Preparing for the Future.” Our church is over 150 years old. God’s people in THIS church for over seven generations have been faithfully sharing what God has done with the people in the region of Lewisville. It is our time and turn to step up in ministry and witnessing. Did you know that our Missions Ministry (through Jimmy Bryan) has been invited in to the schools in order to teach students how to be leaders in our community? Pray for Jimmy and our missions intern, Austin Freet, as they are examples in word and speech to high school students. Pray for students in grades 6-12 in our church and in our schools to learn of Jesus and know him. Students face incredible issues and opposition these days. Pray for all ministries of our church that reach out to students in grades 6-12.