April 17, 2018

Romans 8:28

Michael Odel

Having a relationship with Jesus and believing in Him were two different things for me growing up as a boy. I always knew there was a Savior that came into this world and died for my sins, but I never had a meaningful relationship with Him. Learning how to love, being unselfish, and giving back to the church were things that were foreign to me.

As I grew in my professional career, as well as my personal life, I quickly realized I could not be the man I wanted to be without Christ. I knew I had a background and I believed, but the relationship is what I was seeking. I found this by starting to pray, attending Bible studies, and surrounding myself with people to grow spiritually with and be discipled by. This was a slow process for me as I was an immature young man.

I finally found the right woman at age 32 and became a father at age 35. I then, publicly gave my life to Christ in believer’s baptism at age 38. God¹s plan was perfect for me and I¹m here to say I rely on God’s Word daily to be the best man I can be for my family. Welcoming Jesus into my house for my kids and my marriage is the greatest gift I could have received. I¹m thankful for the opportunity Jesus has allowed for me to impact young people as a teacher and coach and provide for my family.

(Michael Odle is the Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator of the Lewisville Fighting Farmers. He says, “GO FARMERS!!”)