April 17, 2017

For All Generations
28 Days of Prayer for Christ’s Church

Acts 1 

Today we begin a special time in the life of our church. It is a season of prayer and learning. For the next four weeks—28 days—we will be praying and learning about how God is at work through his church through a Generosity Initiative called, “For All Generations.” Each Sunday, we will come together for worship and Bible Study. Throughout the week, we call on you to pray and read from the Bible (on your own or with your family). We will be challenged to read together through the entire book of Acts, one chapter each day, watching and learning how Jesus, through his Holy Spirit, works in and through people in order to make his love known. We will watch and learn how the good news of Jesus—the gospel message—spreads to all people. We hope you will join us on this challenging journey! Pray specifically that today you will receive and use God's power to be a witness in your home, family, neighborhood, and work (or wherever he sends you today and tomorrow).