April 14, 2018

Isaiah 55:8-9

Brian and Amanda Miller

I still remember the phone call from my husband, Brian. What was supposed to be an “end-of-the-year meeting” with his boss turned into him getting unexpectedly fired. We were both shocked! It felt unfair, unreal, and wrong. I also found out I was pregnant with our fourth child, a wonderful surprise, but also a realistic slap in the face that we were soon going to have four mouths to feed and no income.

Brian began submitting his application to ANY school in the state. Within a week or two, he got an interview in Conroe. We took a weekend to visit the school and the area. I wish I could say I was a good supportive wife that weekend, but that would be a lie. Brian and I both grew up in Lewisville. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined moving hours away from home while my kids were still babies. I fought back crocodile tears as we looked at houses and got information on the elementary schools our kids would possibly be attending. Brian was excited, and I wanted to throw up! Less than 24 hours later, Brian got the call that the job was his. I immediately began to feel the Lord telling me: “Amanda, tell your husband you love and trust him to take care of your family. Tell him you will submit to him.” For two days, I ignored this voice. Finally, on a Saturday morning after an intense talk with the Lord, I went to my husband and said those very words. What I did not know was that the Lord was also working in Brian’s heart. God knew Brian needed to hear those words from me, but God also knew that Conroe was not the place for our family at the time. The minute the words came out, Brian told me he didn’t feel like Conroe was where the Lord wanted us. Incredible things happen when God’s people are obedient to Him! The very same day, another school in the area called and offered him a great job!

Although it was one of the toughest times we have been through in our lives to date, we feel so blessed the Lord was near to us and making big moves, even when we couldn’t see Him.