April 13, 2018

Micah 6:7-8

Sarabeth Armstrong, grade 12

I’ve spent a very large part of my life inside a church building; my mom has been a church pianist since I was born and my first dad was a music minister. When I was almost 5 years old, my dad passed away from a heart attack. My mom showed me God’s love and strength during that hard time. I decided I wanted the kind of peace she had, so at just 5 years old, I accepted Christ.

As I grew older and spent more time in church, I grew more frustrated. When I was young, talking to God was as easy as talking to my mom, but the older I got, I couldn’t even tell if He cared. My emotions felt fake. I felt like I couldn’t feel true sympathy for the people around me who I knew I was supposed to be sharing God’s love with. I knew then and I know now that God is real, but back then I had no idea what to do with this information, given I had no passion for it.

One Sunday in church, there was a line in a worship song that said, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” I began to pray those words every day in hopes that I could relate to others with emotions that were real and not manufactured by society. After time, I began to feel with so much emotion I couldn’t help but shout to the Lord for what He has done. Jesus Christ is the only One who has given me a new life, the only One who has reached into the depths of my soul to show me my humanity. Jesus Christ is the only One who saves!