April 10, 2016

I Commit to His Followers
Revelation 2:1-7
First Love

Within the church at Ephesus, what do you think the writer means when he states “you have left your first love”? Can you remember when you got your first car, went on your first date, or held your newborn child for the first time? How about when you first became a Christian or were baptized or shared Christ with someone for the first time? There are many special moments in our lives that could be listed as a “first.”

The church of Ephesus was a great church doing many wonderful things. But the church had forgotten its roots, its beginnings, and its foundation. It had forgotten what it meant to love the Lord, and it had forgotten the beauty of the fellowship of the believers. Never forget the beauty of our fellowship with one another in the body of Christ. Make it a point today to unconditionally love your brothers and sisters in Christ.