April 1, 2014


You Come Down!Luke 19:1-10

Do you remember that great old Sunday School song: "Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he ..."? This is such a great story from the gospel of Luke, revealing the very nature of Christ. Notice, Jesus did not invite Zacchaeus to church, but rather he said, “I am coming to your house today!” Can you imagine the conversations that must have taken place in that home? Once again, we see the importance of carving out time for good, real conversation. We see a change of heart and character in the life of this tax collector. The power of caring conversation can be life-changing! Zacchaeus, in an instant, is changed because someone saw him, talked to him, loved him, and encouraged him, and was even willing to darken the door of his house!