I spent almost 16 years of my life without Christ. During my eighth grade year I was constantly getting in trouble for truancy, in fact I actually had to go to court because of it. The court decided I had to go to tutoring for any class that I had a C or below in (which was all of them except for football) and do 20 hours community service. Along with this, I was in a gang and all of my friends either did drugs and or sold drugs. I became hateful towards my family and my mom tried to get me to listen to God but I refused. The more I refused I noticed I was digging a deeper hole to climb out of. Even though God kept trying to speak to me, I kept going on my worldly ways.

Finally my mom had done all she could do and my dad threatened to send me to a military school to get me straightened out. But as usual, I just kept going on with my ways - stealing from grocery stores and vandalizing things until it was time for me to go back to court. I hadn't been going to tutoring but I had completed my community service hours. The day before I went to court, my principal called me into his office and wanted me to prove the graffiti on the school was from my friends. I wrote out my response and all my friends got expelled from school. This goes through my eighth grade year even though I had gotten rid of my friends that were a bad influence.

I still didn't turn to God until December 22, 2008. I remember this date so well because it is the one that changed my life forever. This day I overdosed and almost killed my self. I got out of the hospital Christmas Eve. That night I went to my first church service in over twelve years.

A couple weeks later my aunt picked me up from football practice and we went to Sonic to buy drinks. We got our drinks and she then asked me, “Where do you think you will go when you die? Do you think you will go to heaven?” I answered, “You know, I am not a hundred percent sure.” That day I asked Christ to come in to my life. The next Sunday I went to my first service at First Baptist Church Lewisville and I kept going every Sunday. Later I joined the church and on April 11, 2010, I was baptized.

Since I was saved, the Lord has done many wonderful things. I have become an Eagle Scout, a brown belt in karate and through Him I have been able to do many hours of community service. I got promoted in ROTC. Know that my trust is in God. Even though I am not perfect, my life is changed forever.