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What is AMPED?

AMPED Summer Worship Camp is a week of fun filled activities, both on and off campus; focusing on the word, worship, performing and fun!

Your child will have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ through their performance on Friday afternoon and throughout the week grow deeper in their walk with him.

This year at AMPED, we focus on the God we serve, whom we obey and trust. Join us as our kids learn about Daniel and his friends and their story of courage and bravery to stand up in faith!

We cannot wait for AMPED and this opportunity to grow in faith with your kids! See you there!!

This Summer at AMPED...

In this re-telling of the story, three young Hebrew men named Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in conjunction with the prophet Daniel (of lions den fame), have a band called Danny & the Shacks

They embark on a roller-coaster-thrill-ride of experiences as they encounter King Neb, his golden statue, some crazy Babylonians, the fiery furnace, and of course, the infamous lions den. Through it all, the powerful truth of God’s Word and the importance of being obedient and faithful to His teaching comes through loud and clear in a story line so fantastic and faith affirming, it could only come from the Word of God.

Danny  the Shacks  Cover