February 18,2018 at 6pm

PLEDGE TOTALS: $6,137,502.00

RECEIPT TOTALS: $1,809,497.12 (since 1/2016)

The Building Committee makes a motion that FBC Lewisville approve a building and renovation project to address the facility needs of our Preschool, Children and Students. The project will cost approximately $10.9M.


Our church just completed an incredible year! We saw 54 people come to know Jesus as Savior and be baptized. We directly supported 13 missionaries in 7 countries. We sent over 100 students to Student Camp. We also sent over 100 students and sponsors on mission trips to Springfield, MO and Albuquerque, NM. Our church touched the lives of more than 50 families in our community either through our Grace Groups or through our Grief Share ministry. Our TOM’s ministry impacted the lives and families of more than 50 young ladies for Christ. We continue to be THE top giving church to the Denton Baptist Association. We have received a total of $1.9M for our new building campaign, in addition to giving $3.6 million to our church operating budget. In total for 2017, our church gave over 5 million dollars to the work of the Lord! By any measure, it was truly an incredible year!!

From the very beginning of this building journey, our Church congregation has shown overwhelming enthusiasm and support. Almost everyone in our Church has affirmed this building project by their votes, by their pledging, and by their prayers and constant words of encouragement. We recognize there are still a few who are concerned about whether we need new square footage, or that financing a building with a loan will stretch us. We also understand not everyone will agree with every church decision. However, the Building Committee believes that since our church has already voted to build and renovate, we want to present a positive story as to how we will move forward with this project. So, if we are going to build and be positive in our approach, including our financial modeling approach, the Building Committee would like to present our thoughts on accomplishing this task.

If you look at the history of FBC Lewisville, God has blessed our efforts so many times over so many years. For more than a century, the generations of FBCL members have stepped up every time when asked. Our recent pledge campaign for this building effort raised $6.2M, more than our church has ever raised before. In 2007, and again as recently as 2012, our church embarked on debt reduction campaigns and retired more than $4M over 3 years each time – that’s almost $9M retired in less than 10 years! God has placed our current building campaign and the focus on Preschool, Children, and Students in our community on the hearts of our ministers for many years. When we moved from downtown Lewisville, we made the decision to “take care of our kids” in the next phase of building. That was in 1995.

 We can all agree that we are taking a leap of faith. Our church may not completely understand the details of the leap we are making. We have tried to be good stewards of this process – remodeling existing space, refining plans, reducing scope, and making conservative assumptions. We have been laser focused on taking care of our Preschool, Children, and Students and providing them renovated and new, appropriately designed, safe, exciting spaces. The FBCL Building Committee asks for your continued support as we vote to build and renovate.

Building Committee FAQ’s

  • What is the scope of the Building Committee motion?

    This project focuses almost exclusively on our Preschool, Children, and Student facilities. We will be renovating over 27K square feet of existing space, and adding 20K square feet of new space, including a covered drop off on the north side of the building. The additional space is for the purpose of having a secure preschool and children’s area. Other things included in the scope are an elevator on the west end and restrooms on the second floor near the worship center. The Building Committee supports addressing other existing campus needs as part of this project, i.e. the leaks along the north side of the current building where the new children’s facility will connect to the current building.

  • Can we meet our needs of our Preschool, Children and Students without adding additional square footage?

    The Building Committee studied this question in great detail with the architects. The Building Committee unanimously agrees that our existing campus configuration does not provide adequate safety for our children. Throughout this design process, we looked at many concepts for addressing these security needs. The bottom line is that the design of the existing floorplan was never meant to meet the increased security that is necessary to keep our kids safe in today’s world. The flexibility of building use is also severely limited in our existing buildings. We found no scenario that would effectively meet the needs of our children without adding square footage.

  • How much will the Project cost?

    Hill & Wilkinson’s latest estimate is approximately $10.95M including soft costs like furnishings. This amount is higher than the number we originally communicated in July (under $10M). The Building Committee, GFF (architects) and H&W (contractor) have met several times to look at materials and design to carve out as much savings as possible. We will continue to look for additional savings throughout the building project. We are making every effort to be good stewards of God’s resources.

  • Why is this more than the “under $10M” amount discussed at our July business meeting?

    There are several reasons:

    1. The economy in the DFW area is booming. All of the trades (sub-contractors) are very busy right now, which translates in higher pricing estimates to do the work.
    2. The Finance Committee asked early in the process if the Building Committee could address some Capital items during this project. These items needed to be addressed and the best, most cost effective time to do some of them is during this building project, i.e. the leaks on the north side of the building, and the exterior entrances on the south side.
    3. We set a minimum standard of equipping our Preschool, Children, and Student ministries with what they need to provide a safe, welcoming, and first-class environment. Most of the churches around us have newer facilities than we do, and while facilities are not the deciding factor in visitors joining FBC, they are a factor in keeping them here long enough to embrace our fabulous ministries and programs.
  • Is this a vote to build?

    The Church voted to renovate/build in July 2017. The vote on February 18, 2018 is to move forward with the specific project the Building Committee is recommending. If we approve the motion, GFF will begin Construction Drawings. We have tentatively scheduled to break ground on Sunday, May 20.

  • Does the Finance Committee support the Building Committee motion?

    The Finance Committee supports our church renovating and building to meet the needs of Preschoolers, Children, and Students. However, we are concerned about the total cost projections as the project is currently defined and the resulting long-term financial obligations this creates for the church. To ensure transparency, the Finance Committee would like to provide information to educate each member to make an informed decision regarding their individual commitment and the overall project.

    Based upon past historical trends and future projections for attendance, giving, and existing expenses, this project presents a significant amount of risk. This risk can be minimized by the church stepping up in the areas of increased giving, enlisting new pledges, extending current pledges for additional year(s), attendance growth, and entering into a debt reduction campaign at the end of our current one.

    The table below outlines the current environment, risk assumptions, short term/long term needs, and potential risks.

    Summary of Additional Projected Funding Requirements (beyond current pledges)

    New Pledges: $300,000

    Incremental/Extended Pledges in Current Campaign: $833,000

    One-Time Gifts: $100,000

    Debt Reduction Pledges After Current Pledge Campaign: $3,980,080

    This building project is expected to challenge and stretch us, and if we cannot meet the financial obligations, we could be faced with difficult decisions in areas of personnel, missions, ministry programs, or general facility needs.

    While this may appear a daunting task, the church has always stepped up for past campaigns and given above and beyond to pay off debt while maintaining the ministries God has provided at FBCL.

  • Will there be additional opportunities to participate financially in our Building Project?

    Absolutely! In your packet is a “wish list” of items that individuals, families, church groups, and Bible Study classes can commit to purchase. If you choose to purchase item(s), simply complete a pledge card and turn it in to the Church office. We also encourage individuals and families who have not completed a pledge card to participate in the overall project now.

  • How long will it take to create the drawings and break ground?

    Construction Drawings typically take around 3 months to complete. The permitting process would take an additional 30-45 days. The Building Committee has tentatively scheduled a ground-breaking ceremony for Sunday, May 20, after our morning Worship Services. Between now and then, the Building Committee is evaluating some additional smaller renovations in other parts of the building, and will be able to do some of that work before Easter or ground-breaking.

  • Do we have the money to pay for this?

    Total building/renovation costs for the project are estimated at $10.9 million. Our church has currently pledged $6.1M over the next 3-5 years, the highest total in the church’s history. The shortfall will be handled via a loan of approximately $5 million. The Finance Committee has already had discussions with multiple banks to achieve the best possible financing option.

    To date, total contributions to the Building Fund are around $1.9M, and our current balance in the Building Fund is around $1.4M. The $500k spent to-date were primarily to cover building design and fundraising consulting fees. We will use the monies in the Building Fund prior to employing the loan and incurring associated interest payments.

  • Do we have to spend money now?

    Yes. Banks require Construction Drawings before they will consider loaning us money to build. Our congregation has also overwhelmingly directed us to move forward with over $6.2M in pledges.

  • Are we changing the outside look of the existing buildings?

    Based on the LRPT final report, many first time visitors responded to surveys indicating the campus was “intimidating.” We were hoping to include a complete makeover to the front of the building, but the project funding does not allow this. We are attempting to “soften” some key areas of the building by adding an entrance on the East end (for Students), new glass doors for both the small and large steeple entrances, and a covered drive entrance on the north side of the building.

  • What else can I do to make this project successful?

    Continue to pray for our church, our ministry staff, our Finance Committee, and our Building Committee. As the project continues and actual construction begins, there will be barriers that Satan will erect.

  • In conclusion
    • God has proven time and time again that He has big things planned for FBC Lewisvillle.
      1. We don’t know yet how we will accomplish everything and that is not necessarily a bad thing.
      2. God rarely reveals all the answers at the beginning of His plans.
      3. As we move forward, God will show us the how.
    • We know the why (to connect with God, each other, and His world).
      1. If we don’t know the why – when times get bad, some will give up.
      2. Our Long Range Planning Team gave us the “why.”
      3. Our Facilities do not compare well with newer churches in the area.
    • We will encounter new problems as we go thru this. These are meant to help us grow.