2.10 Milestones

As your church family, we commit to help equip and encourage you as parents to take on this role as the primary spiritual leader in your family with all of your heart, soul and strength.  We are calling this effort “Milestones.”  As a church, we will mark Milestones along the way in the life of your family—from birth all the way through young adulthood.  We will have age-specific Milestones to help you celebrate moments and have important spiritual conversations.  Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  The heart of Milestones is a Bible Reading plan for our entire church family.  We guides that cover the same basic passage each day.  This will make conversations in the home and here at church much easier since we will journey together through God’s Word.  

GENESIS For 6th Graders and their Parents & CELEBRATION For 12th Graders and their Parents



Graduate Celebration/Dinner will be held in the Fellowship Center Saturday, June 2 at 6pm.  Family and friends of the graduate(s) are encouraged and invited to attend.  Graduates will be our honored guests, additional guests will be $10.  Please register by May 25 with number attending. 

 Please upload four photos of the graduate(s) by May 17 - one baby, one graduate(senior) and two others of your choice.  

You may register for the dinner and upload photos using the links to the right.

  Graduates there will be a brief run through for Sunday's Services following the dinner.

Graduate Recognition will be during Worship Services,  Sunday, June 3 - 9:30am and 11am.  Please meet in Worship Center Atrium at 8:45am wearing your cap and gown.  Family and friends are invited to attend this special and exciting recognition of our graduates. 

For more information on Graduation, click here.


August 17-18, 2018

This is a great weekend to get to know what the 2.10 Student Ministry is all about!

The book of Genesis marks the beginning of the story of God's interaction with His creation. The pages that follow are filled with miracles, with miracles, with love, with lessons learned, and with the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind.

6th grade marks the GENESIS of your journey through the student ministry--no doubt the pages that follow will be filled with similar stories.  We are excited to journey with you through your teenage years--to encourage you, to pray for you, and to live life together in community.

Parents and new 6th graders, please join us as we celebrate this exciting MILESTONE!  We will give you some practical information you'll need as you begin this exciting time and we will enjoy fellowship together!


"Living and Teaching Right from Wrong"  by Walt Mueller 


He talks about in our society, right and wrong are becoming very cloudy.  As parents, we have a unique opportunity to instill truth in the hearts of our teenagers.  I think his questions in the closing paragraph are very helpful for parents.  Take a couple of minutes and look it over and see if it can encourage/challenge you in your parenting opportunities this week.